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Chef’s Corner – Recipes | Hobby Hill Farm Fresh Specialty Foods

Chef’s Corner – Recipes

Chef’s Corner is the perfect place to share recipes. Please feel free to comment.

2 thoughts on “Chef’s Corner – Recipes

  1. Kristi at Elim Springs Farm, VA

    Looking for a great and super easy way to prepare pork? Pork loin roast, pork chops, ham steak even a pork tenderloin can be done with little effort!
    Hobby Hill Farm Fresh’s Carrot Cake Jam is super as a glaze on your pork!
    Just add your selection of pastured raised pork in your crock pot and add one jar of Carrot Cake Jam (best ratio is at least 2-4lb meat to 8oz jar). Set your crock pot on low and walk way until dinner! That’s it! Maybe add a side of rice and broccoli or fresh tossed salad. I love that I can read every ingredient on the label…no hidden “stuff” or guessing what I’m adding to my meats. Enjoy!

  2. Bobbie Dorr

    We are always looking to try something new and different. We have found a recipe that we like that allows us to incorporate Whole Wheat and Milled Flax Seed into our bread. From the standard recipe we made the following changes – substitute 1C whole wheat flour (King Arthur of Course) & 1/2 C milled flax seed. All other measurements are the same. We absolutely LOVE IT!!

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